HPMS Student is Better at Design Than You

Emily Hea and her creation (Photo: HPISD)
Emily Hea and her creation (Photo: HPISD)

Highland Park Middle School student Emily Hea is a genius. Why?  Look at this poster she designed for University Park and Highland Park’s joint efforts to conserve water. The slogan was already determined, but the two municipalities asked HPMS students to come up with a graphic to represent it. A committee then chose Hea’s graphic as the winner.

I mean, look at this. It looks professional. I couldn’t have created this if my life depended on it, and it was crafted into existence by a middle schooler. It just goes to show you how flippin’ smart HPISD kids are. Sheesh.

Anyway, the graphic will appear on yard signs for households to display throughout the Park Cities. Hea will be recognized during the May 19 HPISD board of trustees meeting. Both mayors will attend.

So save water, kids, because this pre-teen is counting on you. Learn more about UP’s program here and HP’s program here. (Basically, the municipalities don’t want you to use your automatic sprinklers more than twice a week for the duration of the year.) Learn more about the Park Cities’ water supply here.

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