Bush Library Gets a Matching Highway

George W. Bush
George W. Bush

The stretch of North Central Expressway between downtown Dallas and Walnut Hill Lane is now the George W. Bush Expressway.

Well, presumably U.S. 75 is still North Central Expressway, too, and it’s not President George Bush Expressway. We’ll let Robert Wilonsky explain in The Dallas Morning News, which has more details on the christening of the freeway for the younger Bush, whose library sits along the frontage road at University Boulevard.

After the idea was approved by state lawmakers last year, signs have started appearing to reflect the change in recent days. What do you think? Is it a worthy honor, or just a confusing hassle?

UPDATE: According to the DMN, apparently the massive signs were paid for by Warren Tichenor, a friend of Bush who served as an ambassador during his administration. But the state is responsible for maintenance.

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