What is Going on With The SMU Cats?

Meow. (Source: SMU)
Meow. (Source: SMU)

So, SMU has a feral-cat program (in case you don’t know) in which they partner with animal-rescue groups to create homes for kitties on campus. Cute, right? We think so. On Aug. 7, university officials announced on the school’s website that “it has become necessary for SMU to plan safe and humane measures to reduce its feral cat population.”

People were upset. By the next day, the university issued a second announcement that officials “had planned to begin a relocation effort this week, but action as been suspended and normal feeding procedures have resumed.” One reason cited for the change was the extensive flea-treatment the university has undergone due to the cats’ presence.

Basically, the latest update is that SMU is brainstorming solutions. In response to all this, an online petition has garnered more than 3,000 signatures.

SMU officials held a meeting yesterday to discuss, and apparently more meetings will be held in the future as possible solutions develop.

What do you think? Should SMU move the kitties because of the fleas or keep them around? Tell us your thoughts right meow.

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