Local Swaddle Company Wraps Up Gift Idea For New Moms

A close friend welcomes a new child and you are left wondering what to send, when to send it, and whether or not you should stay to properly greet the newborn, or just drop-and-go.

Local mom McKenzie Mitchell and mom-to-be Nicole Broadhurst, founders of the one-year-old Buttermilk Babies swaddle company, were all too familiar with this situation.

In March, the pair launched Buttermilk Bundles, a thoughtful way to send a creative gift without feeling intrusive. Currently serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the company delivers a curated package to the doorstep of the new parents in an attractive wooden crate.

To accompany Buttermilk’s patterned cotton and rayon blankets, the duo reached out to some of their favorite community vendors, including Bows and Arrows, Joy Macarons, and Village Baking Co. The bundles range from $75 to $250.

“We wanted to curate a gift that really feels like a treat for new parents,” Broadhurst said. “We include fresh juices, hand picked to help nourish a new mom’s body; a wonderfully scented candle and fresh flowers to warm the home; macarons for a decadent treat; coffee to keep the parents going; and of course, a pack of our soft swaddles for the little one.”

Buttermilk Babies was born when Mitchell couldn’t find a swaddle that fit her style. Broadhurst, the company’s creative director, has learned the value of a stylish swaddle, and just in time – she is expecting her first baby in June.

“Expectant moms are bombarded with advice,” Broadhurst said. “Our best advice is to trust your motherly instincts, take time everyday for yourself (as impossible as it may seem and as short as it may be), and always ask for help.”

The bundles can be ordered at buttermilkbabies.com. Swaddles can also be purchased sans bundle starting at $45 for a two-pack. Expect one to three days for delivery.

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