Find Your Ohm at Home with Yogis on the Go

Finding an outlet can help relieve the stress that comes from being over-worked. For full-time practicing lawyer and Preston Hollow resident Matt Sanderson, that outlet was yoga, a hobby that later gave rise to Yogis on the Go.

In September 2015, Sanderson founded Yogis on the Go with the idea of bringing the studio to the client. Whether it’s practicing among coworkers in the office, one-on-one at home, or at a park with a significant other, Yogis on the Go caters to everyone, regardless of age.

In 2009, Sanderson realized work was getting the best of him, and couldn’t escape the office even when on vacation. He wanted to find a way to enhance his workouts, so he decided to invest some of his free time in taking yoga classes at a studio.

“At the end of the class we got into Shavasna, the resting phase at the very end,” Sanderson said. “And I felt this certain peace that I had never felt … ever.”

The following year, he decided he wanted to progress from student to teacher, and began the process to become a certified yoga instructor.

During his certification, which required ten hours of community service, Sanderson’s law office convinced him to teach some classes at the firm. While teaching these classes, Sanderson tossed around the idea of opening a yoga studio.

Upon completion of his training, he accepted a position at Uptown Yoga. After six months of unsuccessfully negotiating for a studio space, Sanderson decided he didn’t need one.

“Not only would it be a good thing for me to do, but in general there’s a need for it,” Sanderson said.

Partnering with Uptown Yoga, Yogis on the Go teachers will travel throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The company strives to design their classes around the clients. Instructors ensure you are comfortable practicing in the environment you are in so that you get the full experience of yoga.

“I’ve even taught classes to people who have debilitating back issues, to people who can only sit down and have to do yoga in a chair,” Sanderson said. “No matter what you’ve got going on with your body, young or old, we can find a way to make it meaningful and feel good to you.”

Along with Sanderson’s firm, other companies and organizations such as Cinemark and the City of Plano have reached out to Yogis on the Go to teach in their offices.

“There is this need for yoga, for exercise, and for a realignment from the stress that a lot of us just go through life with,” Sanderson said.

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