i360 Individualizes Outpatient Treatment

For the past eight years, psychologist Dr. Kevin Gilliland and his team at Innovation 360 (i360) have served many Park Cities and Preston Hollow patients struggling with issues such as mental health or addiction with a different kind of treatment.

Gilliland started i360 in 2008 in a spot near Preston Center to meet some of the gaps he saw in the outpatient treatment industry.

“There were a lot of ends that just weren’t being met,” he said. “You may not need residential when you’re depressed or drinking too much, but you need more than seeing somebody in individual therapy.”

Rather than having patients go through more emotional turmoil to take off work for outpatient treatment — which requires patients to live at home and go daily to a clinic for treatment until they complete their program — he wanted to find a middle ground where clients could receive the treatment they deserve and resume everyday life.

Each new patient goes through an initial assessment, which helps clinicians map out an appropriate treatment program that can aid each client on a case-by-case basis. According to Gilliland, i360 has patients who meet with a doctor once a week and others who come in seven days a week.

“I think that i360 is truly a tailored individualized plan for each client,” said Dr. Chris Epstein, who has been with the company since its establishment. “It can truly be a customizable treatment approach.”

In keeping with the name, the company utilizes an innovative technique to help patients understand that regardless of what they’re struggling with, their issues may go beyond that.

“It’s really about looking at all components,” Gilliland said. “Your drinking can be a problem, but it may not be the problem.”

In addition to mental health and substance addiction, i360 also treats young adults struggling with emerging into adulthood. According to Gilliland, the number of people in the 18-to-28 age range who are having difficulty moving forward into college, a career, or independent living is increasing.

“You end up with these young adults stepping back into the family system because of struggles either finding a job, finding a job that pays enough at an entry level, or struggling with some of the emotional issues that we often see when people step into college,” Gilliland said.

While the company provides traditional means of treatment — such as individual, couple, and group therapy — it also takes a personalized approach in its life development services.

“That’s probably one of the more unique things we do,” Gilliland said. “We started looking at how do we train and equip staff to help people translate the insides of therapy and to behaviors in their life.”

Through its life development services, i360 patients learn to foster behaviors that will help them adjust their outlook on life and help them to move in a better direction, similar to how a dietician shops with clients to help them learn how to make healthy eating habits.

In September, the outpatient treatment center celebrated the opening of its second location in Austin.

“Right now we’re continuing to grow in Dallas,” Gilliland said. “We do a lot of work with college students, with high school students going off to college, and with professionals. We just continue to do more in the community and more work in those areas.”

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