A New Kind of Bubbly

This is a subject I never, ever thought I’d be writing up. Several months ago, a yoga friend suggested a lifestyle change to which my response was, “Ha! Not for me. I mean, I’d probably lose 10 pounds and save a bunch of money but … ” However, something clicked that day.

We were talking about drinking alcohol. A casual and regular part of my entire adult life. It’s everywhere. So prevalent in society that almost all events, meet ups, and experiences are centered around it.

My friend was talking about how he decided to drop it a year and a half ago and what an impact it made on him physically and mentally. As I was guffawing and saying, “I don’t drink that much,” and, “I enjoy it with food and don’t want to give that up,” he encouraged, “Just try it for 30 days.” Me: “Pffffft.”

Well, friends, I went thirty days. Then a few months. Before you stop reading this with the same ‘pshaw’ I had, let me list the effects. Some were expected, some shocked me. Some were immediate, some came after my body was totally cleansed. As the changes piled up I thought, WHY have I never seen this info before?!

So here’s my list…I wake up awake, not groggy, need less sleep, am less hungry, save lots of money, weight is just falling off, I have more energy, spots on my face lightened up, I don’t sweat at night, have clarity of mind, much more free time, exercise more, and feel feelings, wholly.

Quite the wellness list, eh? When my old freckles that were turning into age spots started lightening, I realized — oh my gosh, they call them liver spots for a reason. Your liver’s job is to detoxify. Mine is doing its job now without impediment.

Not heating up like crazy as I slept (sometimes to the point of being drenched in sweat) was a huge revelation. I thought — I’m so sorry, my body, to have done this to you for 20 years! I didn’t realize that was a cleanse struggle, I just thought I slept hot.

In the beginning, I got a swift lesson after abstaining for a week then drinking just half a cocktail and having alcohol symptoms return. Without partaking, I feel super motivated, aware and … real.

So what have I accomplished with this newfound time, money, clarity, and confidence? I blaze through books, am getting in great shape, and have started a new company (which I named Lovage, Inc., after my favorite herb, because you can take the girl out of the garden but you can’t take the garden out of the girl). I’ve ended up replacing alcohol with Topo Chico or Kombucha when I cook or am in social situations. And I don’t miss imbibing. We’ll see if it sticks!

Read an extended analysis of the effects of my not drinking at realfinefood.com

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