Probity Advisors Wins Fidelity Award

Probity Advisors Inc., on Central Expressway near Walnut Hill Lane, has won industry recognition plus a charitable donation to assist families of seriously ill or injured police officers.
The Dallas wealth management firm received the 2016 Fidelity Be Greater Award, created last year to recognize companies that push boundaries to achieve excellence.
“It was phenomenal. The fact is it really is an award to Probity Advisors — our people, our staff, our clients,” Probity president Porter “Buddy” Ozanne III said.
Ozanne and Probity vice president Chris Sorrows accepted the award Oct. 18 in New York.
Probity Advisors won in the middle of three categories for fiduciaries that hold $250 million-$ 1 billion in assets under management.
As part of the award, Fidelity donated $15,000 to the charity of Probity’s choice.
“Particularly given what Dallas has been through this July, we chose Assist the Officer,” Ozanne said, recalling the July 7 shooting deaths of five police officers downtown.
The foundation run by the Dallas Police Association helps families of officers who have life-threatening illnesses or who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.
Ozanne has been in the industry for more than 45 years, and lived in the Dallas area all his life. He graduated from SMU in 1971.
Probity Advisors evolved from a business Ozanne’s father started in 1960. Wanting to expand discretionary asset management services, Ozanne created Probity in 2002.
He chose the name “Probity” because it means integrity or of high moral standing.
“Most people may not know what probity means, but I wanted it to constantly remind me and my staff how important integrity is,” he said.

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