Mercy Street’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On June 5 at the Mercy Street Sports Complex in the presence of West Dallas residents and young athletes, Mercy Street and its generous donors celebrated the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the brand new $1 million football field.

The field was supported financially by the Dallas Cowboys, Cotton Bowl Foundation, Dallas Housing Authority, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to provide West Dallas young athletes with access to sports in a safe, competitive environment. In the words of Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys Legend and Ring of Honor Member, “The NFL Foundation and the Jones Family Foundation believe that an investment in West Dallas through the Mercy Street field will make football more accessible to kids who want to play the game and level the playing field for those who might face financial challenges or geographic challenges.”

Trey Hill, founder of Mercy Street, explains, “When my family and I moved to West Dallas 15 years ago, this land you and I are standing on was lying fallow, like it was waiting to give birth to something great….But that dream would have remained just a dream and the land would have remained fallow had it not been for the generosity of so many people to make the Mercy Street Sports Complex a reality.”

Mercy Street alumni student Lamontry Lott addressed the crowd by revisiting his experience growing up in the Mercy Street Sports program and as a mentored student. “If I had to describe Mercy Street Sports in one word, it would be opportunity,” Lamontry shares. “Throughout my time at Mercy Street, I can honestly say I received five different aspects of opportunity through this program – service, play, work, life experiences, and career possibilities.”

Dallas Cowboys Drew Pearson, Cotton Bowl Immediate Past Chairman Jay McAuley, and LISC Program Director Beverly Smith also spoke at the ceremony.

The Dallas Cowboys hosted a football camp and cheerleading camp following the event. Over 150 West Dallas young athletes attended to either practice football drills or learn a cheerleading dance while engaging with former NFL players and coaches and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.

Other donors to the field include the Rowling Foundation, Rees-Jones Foundation, Sapphire Foundation, and Rawlings.

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