Tips for a Successful School Year

Although it still feels like summer, students have been returning to school.

Exciting for most, stressful for many, back-to-school season is a time of change for anyone with children.

Parkland Health & Hospital System offers tips for making a successful adjustment to the new school year.

1. A healthy diet is essential.
“It’s important to make sure your child eats breakfast every day,” said Melissa Mendez, a registered dietitian at Parkland’s Hatcher Station Health Center.”

2. Establish sleep routines.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) states that getting enough sleep is critical for success in school. Insufficient sleep is associated with lower academic achievement, as well as higher rates of absenteeism and tardiness.

3. Back-to-school jitters are normal.
“It’s important to remind our children that they are not alone,” said Cynthia Castillo, a licensed clinical social worker at Parkland’s Irving Health Center. “Remind your child it takes time to adjust to a new routine and a new environment.”

4. Talk to your children about bullying and cyberbullying.
Bullying can be physical, verbal ,or social and can happen anywhere – in person or through an electronic device. “Make sure your children know that bullying is not OK and help them understand what to do if they experience it.”

5. Travel safely.
“It’s important to teach kids to be cautious while traveling to and from school,” said Maria Isabel Colunga, community development assistant at the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas at Parkland. “If they ride bikes, helmets are a must.”

6. A right backpack prevents injuries.
Bags with wide, padded shoulder straps and a padded back help distribute weight evenly, making it more comfortable and easier to carry.

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