Ten Best Dressed – Delilah Boyd

Delilah Boyd is a second-year honoree. She is married to Sam Boyd, and they have their adorable Shih Tzu puppy, Honey Belle. Delilah graduated from SMU with a degree in music and received a master’s of liberal arts the following year. She then returned 19 years later and received her law degree. She has served on the Crystal Charity Ball Selection committee for 22 consecutive years and has been an active member of the Crystal Charity Ball committee for 29 straight years. Her past board affiliations include the SMU Tate Lecture Series, March of Dimes, Dallas Mediation Services, and the American Foundation for the Blind.

Q: What is your fashion motto?

A: Dress appropriately for the occasion.

Q: Other than CCB Beneficiaries, what charity/cause pulls at your heartstrings, and why?

A: We have always been active with my husband’s Airborne veteran associations. Many of the members, of wars old and recent, have yet to recover from combat in a foreign land. They put their lives on the line for our country, and where our assistance can make a difference, we make our best effort. On the other end of the suffering continuum, we have long been committed to the organizations that have helped abused animals that cannot help themselves.

Q: What’s been the most valuable learning experience as part of Crystal Charity Ball?

A: Through Crystal Charity Ball, we see the numbers and the desperation of the families who are otherwise invisible and voiceless. Giving can have remarkable outcomes.

Q: Who is your style inspiration and how do you embody them?

A: My mother, Joy, taught me that classic designs have stood the test for a millennium. By her example, she encouraged me to avoid short-term fads. I have always been comfortable with her advice.

Q: What cosmetic is always in your purse?

A: Nivea Lip Moisturizer.

Q: Where is your favorite PC/PH place to get pampered?

A: Salon Dore´ by Sebastien, in Preston Center. Great hair matters!

Q: Tell us about your favorite piece of clothing in your closet:

A: Do diamonds count?

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