If You’re Going to Shearith Israel Today, You Might Want to Bring a Kayak

Was driving down Douglas Avenue minutes ago for an unrelated reason and couldn’t help but notice the road around me was, well, distinctly swamp-like. The source of the water was a broken main in the 5800 block of Falls Road. It had trickled (read: gushed) west down Falls where it pooled on both sides of Douglas for a solid 200-yard stretch, right in front of Congregation Shearith Israel.

I spoke with a worker from Dallas Water Utilities who was at the scene. He told me there had been a water main break, then quit talking when he realized I was a reporter (we’re scary folks) and gave me the card of DWU superintendent Chris Smith, from whom I have yet to hear back. So no details on the severity of the break or how long it will take to fix. A blue door-hanger posted on one of the homes advised residents that water would be shut off from 2 to 3 p.m. for repairs, so it may already be capped. But if you’re jonesin’ for some low-stress paddling, Douglas Ave. is your spot.

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