Families Affected by Fire Need Your Help

Two families with students at Franklin Middle School were the victims of apartment fires during the recent snow day closures. While no one was harmed, they have lost everything and are seeking donations. Big needs include beds and other furniture items but something as simple as silverware would be welcomed as well. Clothing is another area where these families could use your help. For a little information to guide your giving such as pants and shoe sizes, go to the jump. You can drop off donations at the counseling office at Franklin (6920 Meadow Road), care of Christy McWilliam.

Family No. 1

12-year-old boy

  • Pants size: 14 Husky
  • Shirt size: Medium/Large

16-year-old boy

  • Pants size: 32/32
  • Shirt size: Extra Large


  • Pants size: 12
  • Shirt Size: Extra Large

Family No. 2


  • Pants size: 14
  • Shirt size: 14
  • Shoe size: 5
  • Jacket size: Medium


  • Pants size: 30/30
  • Shirt size: Medium
  • Shoe size: 9


  • Pants size: 8
  • Shirt size: Medium
  • Shoe size: 8


  • Pants size: 36/30
  • Shirt size: Large
  • Shoe size: 9

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