Rise and Shine, Park Cities (5-16-11)

  1. Congratulations to Sam Dalton on his victory in the race for HPISD Board of Trustees election Saturday. I don’t know Dalton but hopefully he’ll be just as entertaining as the trustee who left lawsuit threats via voicemail for a couple of area residents recently as part of the drama surrounding the controversial departure of Christie Crummel, director of the Highland Belles. I have a few publicity stunt ideas for him. Dalton, call me.
  2. OMG! HP Dance Company team auditions were Saturday and the stress of waiting until Sunday at 1:24 in the afternoon for the list to come out, well, let’s just say it was tense. My daughters probably thought they had it tough since it was them trying out but they have no idea how bad my thumbs hurt from texting with the other moms. And I had a thought. Some moms seem super competitive with this stuff but since it’s not actually the moms dancing, I don’t get that. So I suggest that HP Dance Co. hold a mom dance-off. The winning mom can boast all year. Everyone else has to relax. Anyway, congratulations to the girls and to Casey Castellaw for a job well done on the daunting task of forming the 2011-2012 teams.
  3. Good Christian Belles? It doesn’t have the same ring.
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