Eighth-grade Correspondent Reports From PH Washington Bureau

Kara Davis, Elizabeth Farrow, Anna Brink, KK Pedigo, Catherine Thompson, Claudia Hammond

While I’m out traipsing through the jungle and kayaking in the ocean in Belize, I thought it’d be nice to have local pinch-hit for me. This article about an April class trip to Washington, D.C. is contributed by Preston Hollow resident KK Pedigo, an eighth-grader at Providence Christian School.

Providence Class Eight Visits Washington, D.C. Before Graduating

While visiting Washington D.C. early in April, the eighth grade class of Providence Christian School realized how important and real history is.  Through museums and monuments, we began to understand how fortunate we are today.  In the Newseum, one of the several museums visited, we were reminded of recent historical events, such as 9-11 and the Berlin Wall, and considered how major historical events caused America to respond and adapt.  The other eye-opening museum we visited was the Holocaust Museum, which, like the Newseum, revealed the importance of actions and how wrong thinking can impact people groups and the world.  The heartless and inhumane deeds toward the Jews opened our eyes and hearts to the brutal reality that no book can convey.

Another museum, just outside of D.C. is the beautiful Mount Vernon, the house of George Washington.  In class we studied about Washington, which included his estate. However, walking through the actual grounds reminded us of everything we had learned about our fabled first president and his brilliant leadership. George Washington came alive to us as we walked in his home and on the grounds.

In D.C. our class also visited several memorials, with the Vietnam War and Korean War Memorials being most memorable.  While walking along the Vietnam Memorial, my eighth grade class saw the solemn list of soldiers’ names, who died fighting, and were touched by the numbers of people that died for our country.  Along with the Vietnam War Memorial, the Korean War Memorial was emotional, capturing the pain and dedication of our nation’s honored soldiers.  Although we read and study about war, gazing upon a concrete reminder of it somehow moves one in a way no textbook can.

Our trip would not be complete without a focus on American politics, so our tour included the Capital and meeting a few Senators.    Even the architecture of the government buildings reminded us of history and how the quality and craftsmanship have changed over the years. Overall, the D.C. trip made us understand the necessity of history and its impact on us.

KK Pedigo is an 8th grade student at Providence Christian School of Texas

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