Wacko Sales

Summer is here and I have been shopping for some inexpensive (code for “sale”) items for the kids and me.  Sometimes NorthPark Center is crowded so the other day I headed north on Preston Road looking for somewhere to earn a few miles on my credit card.

I arrived at The Gap at Preston and Royal.  I have been to the store several times and each time there is a different sale.  I once wandered in and there was a sale because it was Tuesday.  Another time there was a 40 percent off day and another time a 15 percent off day.  This week there is a buy-one-get-one for $5 day, but only on kids shirts and not on shorts.  Keep in mind the 40 percent off  is good on most items, but not for jeans and, by the way, the buy-one-get-one for $5 sale doesn’t apply to marked down merchandise.  But, that’s okay because there’s an extra discount if you use your Gap credit card or open an account.

Confused? I love a great sale, but I also like predictability.  Spastic sales, like a spastic colon, are an annoyance.  I always leave the Gap wondering if I got the best deal or will there be a better sale tomorrow.  Maybe that’s the point. Maybe spastic sales bring shoppers back or maybe they just go to Nordstrom for the oh-so-simple semi-annual sale.

Imani Chet Lytle

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