Rise and Shine, Park Cities (6-29-11)

1. There’s a special meeting of the Highland Park Town Council tonight. What’s so special about it, you ask? Why, the venerable leaders of Highland Park will be considering approval of a rate change with Oncor Electric Company. Sounds thrilling, right Brad?

2. If you’re itching to get into a more patriotic mood, stop by Highland Park United Methodist Church at 7 p.m. for a performance by Dave Tanner dubbed “American ends in I Can.” The event, which is part of the church’s Rejebian Summer Series, includes a 5:30 p.m. dinner. Register now by calling 214-523-2240.

3. I know what you’re really excited about, though. It’s the annual University Park Firecracker Fun Run on July 4. You know you’re dying to get up at the crack of dawn on a national holiday to sweat through a 5k in this otherworldly heat. So I’ll go ahead and do you a solid: Here’s the registration information.

After all that sweating, stop by the Park Cities People dunking booth at the Park Cities Fourth of July festival in Goar Park. It was such a huge hit last year that we had to do it again this year.

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