New Game: Spot The Park Cities People Box

Last night, during the much-anticipated, yet of course wildly disappointing premiere of “Most Eligible: Dallas,” I spotted one of our very own Park Cities People boxes. I stopped the show, rewinded it, gloated for a second, then oozed back into my couch to continue the transformation from real boy to amorphous blob who spends his Mondays watching Bravo.

That being said, in case you were wondering, our whole staff is in LA right now, shooting our own reality show, “Most Eligible: Dallas, nerds edition.” The producers called last night after the PCP box made its appearance, signed us all to four-figure deals, and flew us out on a midnight AirTran flight.

So, don’t expect a paper this week; we’re big time, folks.

One thought on “New Game: Spot The Park Cities People Box

  • August 16, 2011 at 10:04 am

    Congratulations to all! A picture of one of those boxes made it into my fall photo album; they are pretty good looking! (It helped that my child was on the front page!) But now you’re too big-time to publish a paper, ehh? Bummer. I sent in an article this week too. Next time I’ll be sure our group shots are with a PCP box in the background. That’s sure to get us in print!


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