Mayor Dick Davis Honored By SMU Law, Gets Called Fuddy-Duddy. Again.

During Tuesday evening’s University Park City Council session, Mayor Dick Davis was blindsided by a commendation presented in his honor by councilman Bob Begert. He was honored for being named a distinguished alum of SMU’s Dedman School of Law, and the rest of the city and city council surprised him with the secondary honor.

Now comes the funny part. A few weeks ago, we ran a front-page editorial in our paper, one that labeled Davis and the other councilmen who voted against backyard chickens as “fuddy-duddies.” I didn’t write the editorial, as evidenced by the fact that the expression “fuddy-duddy” appeared anywhere near the copy.

At the end of Begert’s speech, he said, “To some you may be a fuddy-duddy, but to us you’re a distinguished old fuddy-duddy.”

Here’s to having a sense of humor.

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