When Freaky Fast = Illegal Park Job by Jimmy John’s

Park Cities resident and regular SideDish contributor George Lewis espied this park job outside the Chanel in Highland Park Village  today.

And the debate rages on: okay for a quick second? Never okay? And is Jimmy John’s the blandest sandwich shop in the world, or the absolute blandest sandwich shop in the world?

One thought on “When Freaky Fast = Illegal Park Job by Jimmy John’s

  • March 21, 2012 at 3:46 pm

    In February, I went to grab lunch at Bubba’s going through the drive through.

    I was told the chicken would take a few more minutes. She said to pull to the right and park to wait for my order.

    It was pouring down rain. There were no parking spots to park all the way down to the donut shop.

    I pulled into a no parking area when I got to the end of the plaza.

    My car was running, the lights were on, my blinker was still on, I was in the drivers seat….

    Police officer pulled up right then and gave me a ticket for illegally parking. Bubba’s delivered my chicken as he wrote the ticket inside his vehicle.

    I was guilty of illegally parking. But, I felt kind of screwed by the situation. Next time, I’ll tell Bubba’s that unless they have a spot for me to pull into, I’ll block their drive through and wait for my chicken.

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