Could Property Near Jesuit Get More Amusing?

Did you know Jesuit owns Summertree Center, the Inwood Road shopping strip that includes Picasso’s, Tupinamba, and Power House of Dance? I certainly didn’t. All of those “No Jesuit Parking” signs on the east side of Inwood made me infer an antagonistic relationship between the school and its neighbors.

But David Berend, the school’s CFO, confirmed for me that Jesuit is actually those neighbors’ landlord. I was asking because the City Council has scheduled a public hearing tomorrow regarding a zoning change requested by another one of Jesuit’s neighbors. According to the documents filed with Item No. 24 on Wednesday’s agenda, RP Inwood Road Properties wants to add “hospital,” “commercial amusement (inside),” and “theater” to the list of uses permitted for its site just north of Summertree Center.

When I got Peter Kavanagh, a representative for RP Inwood Road Properties, on the phone, he said his client is seeking the “hospital” use solely so it can add a doctor’s office to its tenant roster. When I asked about the reasons behind “commercial amusement (inside)” and “theater,” Kavanagh said those were long-term plans that would require land to change hands. He said his client’s property is too small to support either of those uses.

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