Burgers & Burgundy Recap: John Tesar’s ‘Burger’

Looks good, right? That's because it was.
Looks good, right? That’s because it was.

Nothing’s better than chowing down on a burger while watching the Cowboys play. (Well, maybe watching the God’s team win, but we won’t get into that.)

At DIFFA’s Burgers & Burgundy I had the chance to do both, all while listening to the smooth crooning of the Hunter Sullivan band. The event featured seven chefs who were creating their burger masterpieces on site. The crowd was ridiculously stylish, and there were quite a few perfectly-tailored suits I couldn’t stop gawking at. All of the money raised went to DIFFA, serving those who are affected by HIV and AIDs in the DFW area.

Pictured above is one my favorite “burgers” from the evening, brought to you by John Tesar, the chef at Spoon. He gets creativity points for his spicy catfish sloppy joe. I may be a wimp, but I’d like to emphasize that it was spicy. The crunchy little pickle on top made this dish perfect to the last finger-licking bite.

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One thought on “Burgers & Burgundy Recap: John Tesar’s ‘Burger’

  • October 3, 2013 at 1:34 pm

    My wife and I went to spoon the other night and it was the worst restaurant experience I have encountered in years. As soon as we arrived, the bartender told us that we could not order food at bar even though other patrons had food at the bar. My wife ordered a $18 glass of wine and the pour was less than 5 oz! Then our waitress was extremely rude when we asked simple questions about ingredients we were not familiar with. I asked to see the manager, but received only a cold response to my complaint. I never complain at restaurants but I felt compelled by the bad service. I have been to spoon several times and don’t think I will return. Too many good options in the area to be treated poorly.


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