Hyer Brownies Donate to Literacy Education

Girl Scout Troop #5403 presents "The Brownie ABC Book" to Janet Peters and the VMLC.
Girl Scout Troop #5403 presents “The Brownie ABC Book” to Janet Peters and the VMLC.

The Girl Scouts of Brownie Troop #5403 stepped up their cookie sales this year and donated the profits to fund literacy education in the community. On April 13, the 3rd grade girls from Hyer Elementary gave $1,000 to the Vickery Meadow Learning Center.

In addition, the girls created a handmade alphabet book called “The Brownie ABC Book.” The Learning Center and its librarian, Ms. Janet Peters, each received a copy. The FedEx Kinkos in Preston Center donated the printing and binding for the books.

The Brownies in Troop #5403 are Lauren Ladd, Lauren Ridgway, Vivian Johnson, Ellie Donahoe, Charlotte Wilson, Brynn Wilson, Katharine Meyer, Libba Huff, Sarah McMillan, Ali Savage, Audrey Johnson, Flora Danielson, Cate Cox, Emma Graham, Kayla Dickerson, Emily Coleman, and Ella Schreyer.

Ashley Coleman and Erin Schreyer are the #5403 troop leaders.

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