Prepare Early For College

Catherine Marrs advises clients to start as sophomores. (Courtesy photo)

For nearly 15 years, certified educational consultant Catherine Marrs has helped Park Cities and Preston Hollow students successfully transition to college.

Marrs College Admission Advisors works with students and their parents to develop a plan for where to go and how to get there.

“It used to be, if you wanted to go to the University of Texas, you just submitted an application,” Marrs said.

Many students now apply to around eight different schools, including “reach for the stars” destinations and next-best schools, she said.

Her recommendations:

Start planning early
Don’t wait until January of the junior year, when PSAT scores arrive, Marrs said. She urges students to begin actively preparing by the start of their sophomore year.

Make the most of high school
“Get involved and demonstrate leadership,” she said. “Colleges are not just looking for academic stars. They also want interesting kids who have explored some things and stretched themselves.”

Understand costs
“Students interested in teaching or being an artist need to select their school carefully, keeping in mind the cost and if a loan will have to be considered,” Marrs said. “How are you going to pay that [student loan] back on a teacher’s salary?”

Become more independent
“I feel very strongly that parents need to start involving their students in the decision-making that will affect the student when it comes to their future,” she said.
Marrs worries when students lack a proper sense of independence. Some clients still miss appointments unless reminded by mom or dad.

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