Kramer Student Engagement for Northaven Home Tour

The 2018 Northaven Home Tour is sure to please this year with not just five but six exquisite homes to tour with your friends. Kramer Elementary is proud of the connection between the school and the surrounding neighborhood.

It’s also a two-way street.

Local volunteers assist in school programs throughout the year and the Northaven Home Tour is just another of those events. Students are also engaged. The fifth-grade art classes have been busy interpreting pictures of homes around the neighborhood. They understand the commitment the community has made to them and value the impact.

7531 Midbury. (Courtesy photo)
7405 Kenshire. (Courtesy photo)

When you attend the 2018 Northaven Home Tour, you are supporting a neighborhood school where children jump out of the car ready to learn.

We hope to see you on Saturday, April 14th, to tour the campus, school garden, hear our guest speaker Katherine Seale tell us about the importance of neighborhoods and community commitment.

Tickets are available online at: Northaven Home Tour

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