Jacob Saul Besser

Jacob Besser

Jacob Saul Besser is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Adler Besser of Dallas. He is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Alan Byerhof of Naples, Florida, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Corman of Dallas and the late Rabbi Saul Besser. Jacob’s older sister Zoë, a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, was a La Fiesta Duchess in 2016. His twin brother Max, a freshman at Emerson College, is also a 2019 La Fiesta Escort.

Jacob is a graduate of Lakehill Preparatory School. He was active in theatre, choir and film club. Jacob is a musician and songwriter. In high school, Jacob wrote music, concert reviews and articles on pop culture for a local online magazine. Jacob attended Camp Thunderbird for Boys in Bemidji, Minnesota for seven years as a camper and as a junior counselor. He is an avid hiker and has backpacked throughout the Pacific Northwest and in the United States and Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Jacob attends the University of Colorado Boulder studying advertising and media design and is a Dean’s List Scholar. Jacob enjoys skiing and snowboarding, skateboarding on campus, playing the guitar and hosting a weekly radio show.

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