Best of 2019: The Drug Ring Led by a Highland Park Man

Not long after Deputy Editor Rachel Snyder came on board, we found out that two Park Cities residents had been charged with drug trafficking crimes as part of a 10-person drug ring that had been uncovered by authorities after a man died of an overdose.

Gina Corwin, 51, and Gary Collin Bussell, 50, were indicted on seven counts of drugs and weapons-related charges.

The operation, which started as early as 2014, was uncovered after a person’s death in December of 2018 was linked to the use of Fentanyl and Alprazolam from the suspects, according to court records.

Within a few days, new court documents revealed that not only did law enforcement allege that Bussell was involved in the drug ring, but that he also led the ring.

Today, both Bussell and Corwin, a University Park mother, are still in custody at the Fannin County Jail.

You can read our coverage here.

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