Trying Dry? Here are Some #DryJanuary Ideas

Tis the season to say, “Golly!”

Yep, the holidays are over and the stark reality of what happens to your body when you celebrate for an entire month is setting in. January is all about goal setting and self-improvement and, for some, drying out. Yes, I mean your skin due to dry weather, but I also mean drying out meaning going alcohol-free.

There’s a movement called DryJanuary that is straight forward in its mission: Drink no alcohol in January. #DryJanuary is trending across social platforms and is coming to a friend group near you.

In the spirit of spiritless January, here are some great non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy until midnight on January 31 or whenever you fall off the #DryJanuary wagon.

Flower Child’s Lemonade and drinking coconuts.


Lemonade is synonymous with a positive attitude (when life gives you lemons, blah blah) and summer. Whether or not you have a bad attitude in winter, lemonade is a sassy pick-me-up when you’re craving flavor. Flower Child sells their flavored lemonades by the gallon and they come in a variety of seasonal flavors. Currently, Charcoal Lemonade and Rose Petal Lemonades are available. The Charcoal Lemonade infuses the rose petal lemonade base with ginger and a small amount of charcoal for a true detox. You can purchase a gallon in a nifty plastic bag with pouring spout for around $17. Flower Child also sells young “drinking” coconuts which are an effort to open (Flower Child team members are experts and will open it for you) but exotic, hydrating and, of course, alcohol-free.

Virgin Drinks

Almost any cocktail recipe can be modified to omit the alcohol. Among my favorites are the Virgin Mojitos at Dive Coastal Cuisine in Snider Plaza. The Hibiscus Mojito is made from hibiscus mint simple syrup, fresh-squeezed limeade and Top Chico comes with a chili and lime-rimmed glass. Dive also sells Aqua Frescas and no-alcohol “sangrias” which are full of fresh fruit and flavor. Pick up a little jug of these refreshments for a taste of summer in winter.

Bone Broth

Why not have a savory aperitif or digestif instead of a sweet one? Bone broth is an excellent choice for “cocktail” hour or an after-dinner drink. The health benefits are undeniable: it’s full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and it’s great for digestion. Stocks & Bondy makes and sells bone broth in her Dallas Farmer’s Market shop and in local markets including Royal Blue Grocery. Chef Joanne Bondy creates seasonal flavors perfect for sipping, including Lemon Basil Oolong, Lemon Lavender, Turmeric Chai and one called Love Potion, which is a top seller.

Photo courtesy of Waterloo.


Sure, you can drink more Cokes and Dr Peppers this month but, why? There are so many better, tastier and by far healthier options out there. I’m partial to San Pellegrino’s Momenti which is real fruit juice and sparkling water. The slender cans are beautifully decorated and cheery. Momenti comes in three flavors: Pomegranate and Black Current; Lemon and Raspberry and Clementine and Peach. One serving size is about 40 calories.

If you’re really going to be clean in January, pick up a few 12-packs of Waterloo Sparkling Water. It contains no sugar, no calories, no sodium, is non-GMO certified and sold in a BPA-free can. It comes in eight fruit flavors and one plain ol’-water-flavored. Waterloo is an Austin-based company and, according to legend (i.e. their website) in 1839 shortly after the Texas Revolution, the town of Waterloo was christened along the banks of the Colorado River. Six years later, the hippies came, and Waterloo was renamed Austin. So, drink local.

Whether you choose to partake in #DryJanuary or not, be kind to yourself and recognize the motivation for your choices (says Mom). And, you know what? Go ahead use the nice barware and funny napkins, no need to save them for a special occasion. Celebrate daily. Cheers!!





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