Real Talk: Rogers Healy

Rogers Healy owns his eponymous real estate brokerage. When he’s not selling houses around Dallas, he’s the newest host of Selling Mega Mansions on the AWE cable network featuring luxury properties all over the country.

How long have you been in real estate, and what led you to this career?
I’ve been in real estate for my entire life. That’s almost 40 years, which is just flat out insane to see in writing. I’ve had my Texas real estate license for almost 20 years… I decided to pursue real estate as my career, while I was an undergrad student at SMU. I’ve always been a fan of connecting people and for creating conveniences, so it really was love at first transaction.

If you could go back in time and give just-starting-out you any advice, what would it be? 
Slow down. There’s a reason advice like “stop and smell the roses” are told over and over… it’s because it’s true. My obsession from day one was to be the best in real estate, whether that meant the No. 1 Realtor or have the No. 1 real estate company. Let me tell you this — the joy isn’t in the end result, it’s in the journey. I went almost a decade straight without a vacation. I thought I was going to miss out. I was wrong.

What is the best thing about being a real estate agent?
The best thing about real estate is the people. I heard a quote when I was a child that forever changed the way I operated from that moment on — “A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.” I still get chills saying that. I love people. Period. All of them. I love the ability to help bring joy to someone. I love being able to share my faith in Jesus with our clients. I love talking about music. I love seeing their kids grow up. And sometimes, I love even talking about real estate.

What is your outlook on the Dallas market?
The Dallas real estate market is the economic unicorn. We have what every other city wants. We have the influx of buyers. We have the demand. Builders literally can’t keep up with the pace of our growth. Dallas has gone from the “why would we visit Dallas this weekend” city to “let’s all move to Dallas this weekend.” We have gone from forgotten to unforgettable, which is phenomenal for all of us in the real estate business. With that said, we still need buyers, sellers, investors, and renters to be realistic… One of our biggest obstacles is when a prospective client wants to outprice the market.

Can you give us a fun fact about yourself?
I’ve got the greatest girlfriend on planet Earth… and she’s even an HP girl. I met the incomparable Abby Gans at good ‘ole Mi Cocina, and have smiled bigger and bigger every day since. I also can freestyle rap like my life depended on it.

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