3 Marthas Brand Embraces Personalization

If it doesn’t move, monogram it.

The 3 Marthas owners Juli Dewar, Rachel Dougherty, and Abby Davis are no strangers to their neighbors’ love of a posh personalization.

And said neighbors are not strangers to the company that sells high-quality baby products that have been gifted and goo-goo gah gah-ed over since its 1980s inception.

Thanks for that, Martha Ann Huey Sloan, who opened the company in 1988 and named it after herself, her mom, and her great aunt.

So, when the company was purchased in 2011 by the Texas trio looking to challenge themselves with an exciting small business that combined aspects of both motherhood and design, they knew adding customization could and would eventually be in the cards.

“We are honored to have and take so seriously the responsibility of employing local, hard-working women, as we cut, embroider, sew, and package everything at our local warehouse.” -Rachel Dougherty

3 Marthas recently debuted an updated website – 3marthas.com – that allows for customers to pick the perfect personalization for a handful of the brand’s most popular products — the blank check and seersucker stripe collections, the birthday collection and the baby pillows. The various styles allow for a name or initials to be added in a variety of thread colors and font styles.

Baby products from 3 Marthas are different from the run-of-the-mill monogram website that promises personalized products at your door in a matter of days. Exactly how? Well, for starters, this company, which has always been entirely woman-owned and woman-operated, is based in Dallas, allowing the owners to oversee every part of the process.

Being local also keeps the quality of the materials high and the craftsmanship used to create each piece on full display. The bibs and towels, for example, are manufactured in-house, allowing them to be monogrammed before they are sewn together. This yields a clean look sans any “back threading.”.

“We feel passionate about maintaining operations in Dallas,” Dougherty said. “We are honored to have and take so seriously the responsibility of employing local, hard-working women, as we cut, embroider, sew, and package everything at our local warehouse.”

And despite the women’s love of operating on a local level, 3 Marthas has a global reach with products in retail stores across the country and as far away as Saudi Arabia, Sydney, and the Dominican Republic.

“We use only the finest materials, and we believe that it shows in the finished products that we offer,” Dougherty said. “We always say our biggest compliments are from moms saying that they have saved and used our burp cloths, bibs, towels, and blankets for multiple children.”

The 2020 game plan for this Park Cities sewing sisterhood is to embrace the future while simultaneously respecting and carrying on the traditions of the brand’s storied past.

“We are all about adapting with the times as we’ve had to do so more than once as a 30-plus-year-old company,” Dougherty said. “With that said, while we look to add new designs, products, and a larger digital presence, we are committed to keeping the same products and quality that our customers have come to know and love.”

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