Olympic Gymnast Nastia Liukin Shows Off Preston Hollow Home

After bringing home five gold medals in the 2008 Olympics, Nastia Liukin traveled a lot — even after she stopped competing. And now that she’s put down roots in Preston Hollow, she invited Architectural Digest in to talk about how she feathered that nest.

In an article that was published last week, Liukin said that her new house, located off of Forest Lane between Preston Road and Hillcrest Road, was not the first abode she’s owned — but it’s the one that feels like home.

“I have owned homes and lived in so many different places, but this is kind of the first place that has truly felt like home,” Liukin told AD

Her home — located in a private, gated community — was built by Crescent Estates and boasts five bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms, including a primary suite and guest quarters.

Liukin told AD that she worked with the design team at the Knox Street Pottery Barn to decorate three rooms — a guest room, dining room, and her office.

Liukin’s office, which features a dining room table instead of a desk.

She also said that you won’t find a trophy case for those five gold medals anywhere in her house — her family (her parents were also gold medal gymnasts) has never really displayed their hardware, which is a stance she’s adopted as well.

“The way I grew up in my parents’ home — they were world champions and Olympic gold medalists as well — we never had any Olympic medals or memorabilia out in the open,” she said. “It was something that we, of course, are proud of, but it wasn’t anything that we felt the need to display or show.”

On her own website, she shared more photos of the three rooms.

“My goal was this: when I walk into my home, I want to feel at peace. I want to feel comfort, coziness, and serenity,” she said. “In a normal year, I’m traveling for over 250 days of the year. When I come home, I want to feel like I’ve just entered my own personal sanctuary away from it all. And this space makes me feel just that.

“I have lived in four different states and many different spaces since I moved away from Dallas in 2012 to go to school at NYU,” she added. “This is the first place since then that finally feels like home, which doesn’t help me being such a homebody! Now I really don’t ever want to leave!”

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