List-Making Mavens’ App Upgrades Everyday ‘To Dos’

Less juggle. More joy.

FROM LEFT: Elizabeth Moore and Martha Farrell.

Isn’t that the goal for us all? Martha Farrell, a University Park mom of three, is on a mission to categorize the chaos. Because for many of us, simply having a place for the plans can be quite calming.

The idea for an app came to Farrell while she was a multi-tasking mama in New York City. With three kids in three different schools, things were falling through the cracks. And it turns out she wasn’t alone.

“I interviewed dozens of busy moms, and they all had one thing in common,” Farrell said. “They were tired of not being able to find what they were looking for on their phones.”

The solution came to her one night. She began piecing together an app that would serve as a keeper of all the “boxes” of information floating around in her head that desperately needed a home base — not only that but one easily accessed with just a tap or two of her fingers.

Farrell chatted about the idea with her sister Elizabeth Moore who, at 10 years her junior, was in business school at the time and found that she too needed an app just like this despite her life looking much different.

And thus, The Scuttle was born.

The sisters wanted a name like “the scoop” that instantly hints at it being a source of information. It was Moore who had the “ah-ha” moment. Scuttle, the all-knowing seagull in her favorite childhood movie, The Little Mermaid, came to mind. This seagull shares his knowledge of human gadgets with Ariel and is a constant source of valuable information (despite missing the mark regarding that doggone dinglehopper).

They were tired of not being able to find what they were looking for on their phones.

Martha Farrell

“After more digging, we learned that the word scuttlebutt is defined as a watering hole on a ship,” Farrell explained. “People would gather around the watering hole and chat about all that was going on.”

You may have heard the expression, “What’s the scuttlebutt?” The Scuttle app is the place that is going to tell you, your family, and whomever else you want to keep “in the know” precisely what is going on.

The sisters are touting The Scuttle and its ability to add productivity to almost anyone’s planning process. And with features like the new broadcast blast that give groups updates via email and push notifications, the efficacy of these lists is limitless.

Additional fun features that separate this app from others include delightful designs, group messaging, the check-off feature, and linking to your digital calendar.

“We hope people will use The Scuttle for themselves, but we also hope they will collaborate on Scuttleboards with babysitters, family, committee members, classmates, or even neighbors.”

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