Rules for Renovation and Remodels in UP

Planning to build a new building or home or doing a significant addition to one in University Park? 

The University Park city council April 5 approved a change to the city’s code of ordinances dealing with requirements regarding sidewalks requirements for construction of sidewalk, curb and gutter, driveways, approaches, and parking areas within the right-of-way when making improvements to a property.

The previous ordinance required construction of a new sidewalk when the value of the construction/reconstruction/remodel work exceeded $10,000. The new ordinance requires the construction of a new sidewalk when the square footage of any addition or enlargement of a structure causes the building to exceed 4,000 square feet of total floor area or causes the total square footage of all such additions to exceed the original floor area by more than 30%. The ordinance also requires replacing all existing sidewalks and curbs and gutters and driveway approaches adjacent to the property prior to final inspection or issuance of a certificate of occupancy unless the Director of Public Works or designee determines that they’re not in need of replacement. Previously, the ordinance required construction of a new sidewalk only if the public works director or designee deemed the existing sidewalks to be in disrepair.

“It seems like a small thing, but that really allows the contractors and the builders and the owners to kind of anticipate that cost on the up front side rather than kind of getting hit with it at the end,” City Engineer Katie Barron said. “If you’re anticipating that you are going to have to replace all the curb and gutter and sidewalk in advance, that tends to make the process move a little bit more smoothly.”

In other news:

  • The city council approved the removal of the residential parking designation for the 3400 block of Haynie Avenue that was in place from the 3400 block of Haynie west to Dickens amid the Snider Plaza utility replacement project on Daniel Avenue.  
  • The city council approved the reclassification of a part-time gardener job opening to a full-time, park service agent position to account for increased park usage and the city’s partnership to use athletic sites at University Park and Hyer Elementaries for practices and games during non-school hours.

Rachel Snyder

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