Brittani “Brit” Wold – 20 Under 40

GRIT Fitness
38 | Cornell University, Harvard Business School

Brit Wold went from a Division 1 college basketball player at Cornell to the founder of a fitness concept.

Wold started Grit Fitness in 2015, intending to empower others, especially women, to reach their fitness goals.

“I attended a conference in LA in 2013 where Jillian (Michaels) was the keynote speaker. 

She said, ‘Work with passion is purpose; work without passion is punishment.’ In that moment, I felt a huge conviction to lean into my passion for fitness and empowering women,” Wold said. “I decided at that point that I try to build something sustainable and with greater impact beyond just working as a part-time fitness instructor.”

She now has two locations — one on SMU Boulevard, near where she attended basketball camp on the campus as a child, and another in the Design District.

Wold hopes to continue expanding Grit Fitness and continue writing. Her first book is set to hit the shelves next year.

With her team, Wold teaches life skills and fitness classes for Our Friends Our Place, a transitional living center for women aged 18-24. She’s also a member of the Junior League of Dallas and Shoreline City Church.

“The women at GRIT Fitness are my community in Dallas. They are the most sincere, hardworking, passionate people I’ve ever known,” Wold said. “They have been my family before I was married and had a family of my own. The consistency and positivity of my community are what I love the most.”

Toughest business/personal challenge?

Setting boundaries and being able to say “no” without remorse was challenging for me, and I think it is for many women leaders. I’ve learned to prioritize self-care, rest, and my personal well-being so that I can bring my best self to serve others. Also, making time to have a personal life required a lot of intention and discipline. About three years into starting GRIT, I was very burnt out and also very much desired a family of my own. Something had to give, so I set boundaries around work and clear “clock out” times so I could prioritize dating. I’m glad I did. I met my husband during that time, and we have been married for three years and have a beautiful 8-month-old son.

What’s on your bucket list?

Dinner with Oprah.  

To visit 12 countries in 12 months with my husband. 

To have my own venture capital fund that invests in women-owned businesses.

To help my kids start their own businesses. 

 How do you motivate others?

In my fitness classes and in everyday life, I affirm people with my words that they are destined for greatness. They are winners. They are loved, valued, and appreciated. They were not created to be average. They were created to be extraordinary. I believe that each of us is here for a reason and we have unique skills and gifts to bless everyone around us. I’m very passionate about encouraging and empowering others, especially women.

What would you tell an 18-year-old you?

Take more risks. Enjoy being young. Truly ask yourself, “what do I love to do?  What am I passionate about?

What was your first job, and what did you learn from it?

My first “real-job” was at Texas Instruments. I was an intern and then in an HR Leadership Rotation program. I had a great boss who taught me that it is okay to make mistakes – mistakes are a part of the journey. But it’s not okay to dwell on mistakes. You’ve got to fix them and move on.

Fun fact that someone wouldn’t know about you?

I was a Division 1 college athlete. I played basketball at Cornell University. Also, Im a Dallas native – born and raised in Mesquite.

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