50 Years, Three Generations, One Incredible Secret Recipe

Suzanne Miller, her daughter Anne Miller Morris, and daughter-in-law Morgan Miller are the heirs to one incredible family recipe.

After 50 years of sharing samples with friends and relatives, the Preston Hollow family has brought the coveted culinary innovation to market with the new venture AR Reserve.

AR Reserve is named after the matriarch of the Miller family, Anne Rich.

“Anne Rich was my mother,” Suzanne said. “She developed an incredible salad dressing recipe from her kitchen in Tallahassee half a century ago. Everyone in town loved it. She made it for all of her friends, and they told her, ‘You need to bottle this.’”

This garlic vinaigrette recipe has been closely guarded but passed down among close family members of Anne’s. Having reached her granddaughter’s hands, it’s now living up to its legacy as AR Reserve Original Vinaigrette, available both online and in select stores.

“I’ve had similar experiences making this dressing my whole life,” Anne said. “Having friends tell me I needed to bottle it and asking if I could bring bottles to gatherings so that they could share it with their friends.”

The dressing is highly versatile. It’s an incredible complement to just about any salad, whether sweet or savory, and even works as a marinade for meats.

“Last Christmas, I just decided what the heck: I’ll make some bottles and try to sell them to friends and family,” Anne said.

She posted a quick note on her personal Instagram account, hoping to sell 20 to 30 bottles but ended up selling almost 300 units of AR Reserve Original Vinaigrette. Since then, the mother-daughter team has gone all in on AR Reserve.

Pooling their talents, they were able to navigate the modern complexities of an e-commerce marketplace. Suzanne is an SVP at prominent marketing and branding agency AvreaFoster, and Morgan is a marketing guru with the ride-share service Alto. Therefore, they had the experience and connections to bring a beautiful brand and website to life this January.

“We’re now shipping across the country,” Anne said. “We’ve sent orders to 15 states and over 30 cities since January. The St. Michael’s Women’s Exchange at Highland Park is our first retail carrier.”

And while the Millers have crafted a distinguished brand identity, marketing strategy, and sales platform for the dressing, it’s gaining notoriety like it did when Anne Rich was in the kitchen.

“There has been incredible organic growth,” Suzanne said. “After the holidays, we’re seeing orders from Salt Lake City, California, and New York. This isn’t from our social media; it’s from word-of-mouth.”

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