John’s Trikes & Bikes

In the past 12 years, John’s Trikes and Bikes has become the preeminent recumbent trike shop for all of Texas and the south-central U.S. John Paulus, owner and certified “Baby Boomer,” thought his cycling days were over due to a back injury from mountain biking. He discovered recumbent trikes offer all the joys and fitness of bicycles, without the discomfort or hazard of falling,  Or as John puts it:

“Recumbent trikes — No Pain, All Gain.”

 A modern “recumbent trike” is a lightweight, 3-wheeled pedaled cycle. The rider reclines comfortably, with feet extending forward to the pedals. Their two front wheels make trikes inherently stable and much safer than bicycles.

New customers love riding without the neck, wrist or back pain commonly associated with traditional road bikes. Each trike is perfectly fit to its rider, with features like neck and wrist rests, adjustable reclining seats, disc brakes, front and rear suspension, even powerful E-assist to help riders of various fitness levels or physical limitation ride together.

John’s Trikes carries the world’s best recumbent brands, namely ICE, Catrike USA, TerraTrike, GreenSpeed, Hase and Steintrikes, featuring the same componentry found on high-end road bikes. One test ride is all it takes to fall in love. But with over 40 trikes on display and over 150 trikes in stock, one can afford to be choosy.

John’s Trikes & Bikes is located on the historic Town Square in Lancaster, Texas, 15 miles south of downtown Dallas. Visit online at Or call 972- 227-7360.

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