March 5 Primary Election Results

Super Tuesday voters decided who’s going to be on the ballot for the November elections.

Following are the results (as of 10:47 a.m. March 6) for some of our local races.

Texas House District 108

The November race for Texas House District 108 will be between incumbent Republican Morgan Meyer and Democrat Elizabeth Ginsberg.

Meyer received 51.09% of the vote in the Republican primary, and opponent Barry Wernick received 48.91%.

In the Democratic primary, Elizabeth Ginsberg earned 58.88% of the votes, followed by Yasmin Simon with 41.14%.

U.S. House District 24

Incumbent Republican Beth Van Duyne’s opponent this November will be Democrat Sam Eppler. 

Eppler has support from 58.61% of Democratic voters, and Francine Ly received the remaining 41.39%. Van Duyne was uncontested in the primaries.

Texas Senate District 16

Incumbent Democrat Nathan Johnson has secured his seat on the Texas Senate for a third term.

Johnson earned 59.15% of the vote, followed by Victoria Neave Criado with 40.85%. No Republican candidates were in the running.

Texas U.S. Senate

Democrat Colin Allred will challenge incumbent Republican Ted Cruz to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.

In the Democratic primary race, Allred had 58.84% of the vote. Roland Gutierrez followed with 16.65%.

Cruz took the Republican race with 88.32% of the vote. Holland “Redd” Gibson and Rufus Lopez received 5.98% and 5.7% of votes, respectively.

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