It Is a Small World After All

Have you been reading our 30 Years, 30 Stories series? The March 25 installment was about actor J.R. Nutt, who lived in the Park Cities as a lad and landed a small part in Born on the Fourth of July.

A couple of nights ago, I got a Facebook message from a college friend, a guy I have not seen since we were handed our diplomas 15 years ago. His message had a link to my story about Nutt, and he was asking if the Dan Koller who had written it and the Dan Koller he went to school with were the same person.

J.R. Nutt is my best friend in LA. And I was his manager. (I got him the Cory in the House role as well as all of his initial roles as an adult actor) Very weird.

Very weird, indeed.

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