Full Spring Ahead

January may mark the official start of the new year, but April is when things really get going. Holiday hangovers have passed, Cupid’s arrow’s been shot, and spring break has broken. Any hopes of a season resembling winter have long since been squashed as the dread of another hell-fire summer slowly descends.

Our collective attention now turns to the ever-expanding list of events that will fill our calendars in coming months: tax day, Easter, spring parties, proms, and graduations will all be here before we know it. Not far behind will be weddings, camps, and long summer vacations.

At the top of many calendars will be Mother’s Day, the Sunday in May where we recognize our mums for all that they do.

This year, we would like your little ones to tells us why their mom is the best. We think there is something special in the naïve honesty of children expressing strong emotions in their own words. We also think it can be hilarious.

Please check our website, Facebook, or Twitter feeds for information on how to help your child send their entry. You can also mail in submissions through April 7. Our favorites will run in our May edition and online.

Happy April.

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