Dallas ISD Announces Additional Steps for Magnet School Residency Verification

On the heels of news reports that some students may still be cheating the residency requirements for Dallas ISD magnet schools, Dallas ISD has announced a change in how it would verify where a student lives.

Board policy was recently strengthened to prioritize students who live in the district.

Starting this year, the district’s central office will flag applicants who did not previously attend a school in the district, and had a change-of-address form submitted this school year.

“Families with flagged applications can then provide additional documents to confirm their residency and gain full entry into a magnet school,” the district said. “Home visits will be hosted as necessary for students who cannot substantiate their address.”

Additional documentation can include homeowners or renters insurance policies that are active and dated within the last year, utility bills with usage dated within 30 days that include the address of parent or guardian, a mortgage statement, rental or lease agreement, notarize statement from a landlord, or proof of rent or mortgage payment.

To see the full list of documentation allowed, click here.

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