The Dallas Opera Offers Kids Opera Boot Camp Online

Beginning Monday, June 29, The Dallas Opera is taking its summer program Kids Opera Boot Camp online for the very first time. Free of charge the camp will offer a newly created summer series.

Presenting the camp virtually will ensure the safety of the students, artists and educators involved. This new online format allows TDO’s educational programming and content to be easily accessible to all regardless of location. 

Artist will introduce students to opera by means of a familiar story from The Brothers Grimm, The Bremen Town Musicians. Students also will be taught to sing vocal warm-ups and an excerpt from this musical score. They will also learn what it takes to create an opera through various hands-on activities, fun facts, and engaging characters. 

The final boot camp episode will come to a head in an actual performance of The Bremen Town Musicians performed by Dallas Opera Education Artists, who have worked on recording their roles separately. 

This operation involves safe practices such as social distancing for artists and tech crews, sanitization, synchronizing and maintaining 24 hours between studio recording sessions.

“Traditional forms of watching and experiencing opera are having to take a pause. During this pause, we can still use the power of the art form to address meaningful issues,” said Kristian Roberts, TDO’s director of education as of March 2020. 

“The story’s theme of using your unique skills and working together with those who are different to reach a common goal is more relevant now than ever,” she added. “Everyone—kid or adult—can relate to this message in some way and learn important lessons that can be applied to their own lives.” 

While still a work in progress, The Dallas Opera’s new online Education Portal will eventually act as a one-stop shop for schools, teachers, and parents wishing to learn or sign up for Spring 2021 in-person programs. 

This will include afterschool programs, TDO’s touring opera program, mainstage dress rehearsal access for upper-level students and their teachers and more.

The portal also will provide an opportunity to participate in virtual education programs like Kids Opera Boot Camp and utilize a variety of online learning resources. 

To sign up or learn more visit:

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