Reuse, Decorate, and Support Good Causes

When Orr-Reed Architectural owner Hannah Hargrove started offering kits using architectural salvage materials so that customers could craft during the pandemic, it was a means to an end – she was trying to keep her store afloat and her employees paid.

Flash forward to fall, and the kits – which are changed up frequently – are quite popular, and Hargrove and team are beginning to offer Christmas versions – but this time she wants to give back.

“2020 has been a hard year for a lot of people. It’s estimated that 6 in 10 north Texans are struggling to pay their bills, buy food and afford their rent/mortgage,” Hargrove said. “We can’t change the world but we want to help how we can so we decided to release three kits that can benefit others.”

Orr-Reed’s tabletop candle kits will benefit VNA Meals On Wheels and Vogel Alcove. The company will give half the proceeds of their gingerbread house kits to the Dallas Eviction 2020 Fund.

“The people running it (the eviction fund) are doing amazing work keeping people in their homes,” Hargrove said.

The tabletop candles are 21 inches tall at their tallest point, and cost $15 for the DIY kit, $25 for the assembled kit (but the customer paints), and $35 for the fully assembled and painted version.

The gingerbread houses are $20 for the DIY kits (includes wood, paint, nails and accessories), and $30 for the assembled versions with accessories.

But for customers wanting even more holiday decor made from salvaged materials, Orr-Reed is also offering trees made of old doors. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors, and range in height from 90 inches tall to 80 inches tall. The trees come fully assembled, and cost $175 and $150, respectively.

Smaller trees are available in 12 inch, 18 inch, or 24-inch tall sizes. Prices range from $10 to $45.

The company is also offering stick tree kits, door hangers, and other holiday-themed kits, too, and is posting new kits and instructional videos on their Facebook page.

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Bethany Erickson

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