Five Ways to Stay Cool in Dallas

I know, y’all.  This heat is making everyone a little cranky.  Hang in there.

North Texas has some cool, literally, and figuratively, things to do where you can escape the brutal heat. 

Here are my top five picks.

Meow Wolf is a multi-sensory living art experience now open at Grapevine Mills Mall.  If that description sounds trippy, it’s because Meow Wolf is trippy. It includes immersive experiences that include full story lines that will engage patrons’ sense of creativity and adventure.  Tickets are required and start at $45 per person.  Visit Meow Wolf for more info.

Electric Shuffle is a great place to spend an hour or two with a group of friends, competing in various shuffleboard games and enjoying excellent food and drink.  If you haven’t been, tour the entire building to explore every shuffleboard salon. Learn more here.

PHOTO: Eataly Dallas

Eataly Dallas offers fun programming this summer to possibly trick your brain into thinking you’re in Italy. First, there’s Summer Nights at Terra which takes place every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this summer. They’re inviting local DJs like DJ Steffi Burns, DJ Blake Ward, Ashtag DJ, and more for summer jams and late-night bar bites.

Then there’s Eataly’s summer cocktail focus that includes specials and cocktail classes. Terra’s summer cocktail menu takes the flavors of the season and infuses them with classic cocktails from around the world, all with an Italian twist. They even have cocktail flights, four half-sized cocktails to try.

The Spritz is always the drink of summer, and Eataly’s La Pizza & La Pasta is offering a “Build Your Own Spritz” program, where you can choose an Aperitivo, bubbles, and soda to make your very own signature spritz. 

And, if you like the idea of creating your own cocktail but need to know more about the basics of mixology, Eataly is offering summer cocktail classes for the aspiring mixologist – including camps for rum, bourbon, and tequila Learn more here.

Barbie Skating PHOTO: Galleria Dallas

Good old fashioned ice skating is practically the opposite of the aforementioned Meow Wolf, but Galleria Dallas’ Ice Skating Center is still cool, even after 41 years. Even better, the center is hosting a Barbie-themed skating party from 6 to 8 p.m. Saturday, July 22. Wear pink and slide around to a fun Barbie-themed playlist. Tickets are $12 per person plus $5 for skate rental.

He’s as hot as Dallas rn. PHOTO: Getty Images

Hey girl, Barbie opens next week.  Go see Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie in this fantasy comedy film in wide release next week.

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Kersten Rettig

Kersten Rettig is the only DFW Food/Travel writer with luxury hospitality leadership experience and a former restaurant owner, employee, and chief marketing officer. Kersten's worked on the inside and has the insight and experience to tell the stories to the outside. She's a Park Cities resident, mom, wife and a decent cook. Follow her on Instagram @KerstenEats.

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