Lowering The Handicap

Local entrepreneurs grow the game of golf through garage startup

By Daniel Lalley

As anyone who plays the game will tell you, golf is one of those sports that not only challenges players physically, but also tests them intellectually.

Many facets of the game have confounded enthusiasts since the 15th century. Harnessing hip power, controlling topspin, factoring wind, and finding the green are some of the most difficult undertakings across the entire spectrum of sports. 

No matter how forgiving the club faces get, how soft the balls become, or how far the training technology goes, golf will always be tough. 

However, a couple of Greenhill graduates insist it shouldn’t be such a challenge just to walk on the course.

With a range of complex customs, varying degrees of dress code, and equipment costs that rival some NASA initiatives, the intimidation factor is real. That is why Benjamin Stromberg and Jake Hoffman founded Golf Roots — an e-commerce equipment outlet aimed at making the game more accessible for the next generation of golfers.

“I started building sets of golf clubs for people during the pandemic,” Stromberg said. “During that time, I think a lot of people wanted to pick the game up. However, a lot of them found it challenging to get into golf without breaking the bank. And it was also really hard to find clubs if you didn’t know what to buy.” 

 After putting a set of clubs together for his old classmate Hoffman, Stromberg was asked about starting a website. The two of them then created Golf Roots and started amassing a huge inventory of used clubs in Stromberg’s garage.

“It really works out for everyone,” Stromberg said. “On one side, there are people who have too much stuff and need to get rid of some clubs. Then, there are people who need clubs at a good price.” 

 Within a few years, Golf Roots has grown to offer an inventory of thousands of clubs. From men’s to women’s, drivers to wedges, full sets to single irons, they’re able to provide a range of products perfect for just about any player, all while breaking the barrier to entry that can be so intimidating for new golfers.

“We’re the only retailer in the entire golf industry that offers a starter set of just $89.99,” Stromberg said. “We’ll sell you the complete set for that price and if it turns out you don’t like it, then you’re only out 90 bucks. If you decide to keep playing, we’ll take the clubs back and give you the 90 bucks toward a better set.”

For Stromberg, it’s about more than the money.

“Golf has had a tremendous impact on my life,” he said. “From the relationships I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned in terms of resilience and perseverance, it’s been so great for me. I think it’s a shame that so many people may feel like they don’t have the opportunity to play this game. Hopefully, we can allow more people to get into it.”

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