Three “Must See” Exhibits at 29 Rooms

Last week, 29 Rooms, an immersive art gallery designed to spark conversation opened the doors to its temporary Dallas studio.

There was a lot to see.

There was a lot to talk about.

And while it is my hope that you take the time to view all of the art on display and engage yourself in all that’s available – even the sweet strawberry temporary tattoos – there are three specific exhibits you cannot miss.

Brought to Dallas by Refinery29, the leading digital media and entertainment company for young women, 29 Rooms is open in Dallas through Aug. 18.

The groundbreaking festival of culture, cause, and creativity reflect the company’s commitment to supporting innovative creative talent and driving vital conversation, inspiration, and positive change.

  1. 29 Questions – Sitting down with a stranger and revealing your biggest fear or sharing your recent dream may not seem like that big of a deal. But it is. When I first sat down for this game, I was asked to stare into the face of the stranger in front of me for 30 seconds. Immediately, I started to wonder what she saw when she looked at me. Was my makeup beginning to cake? Had the humidity really made my hair as fluffy as I thought? It was pretty awkward and about 15 seconds in, my partner said she couldn’t “do this anymore.” Phew. Me either!! After that, though, it wasn’t that hard to talk with this stranger about my recurring dream of thieves stealing my moving van (what’s that all about) and why I imagine my soul is translucent.
  2. Palm Reading – You might soon start to notice a pattern here as I explain this next exhibit. You walk into a dark room, sit at a chair, and stick your hand through. On the other side is a stranger. This person then takes your hand, outlines a few lines and reveals to you what the curves (or lack thereof) mean in your love and life lines. Then, without ever seeing one another, you reciprocate.
  3. Dance Break – What I loved about this one, beyond a moment of twerking, was a moment in time where cellphones and social media were meant to be left at the door. How freeing!

Tickets for 29Rooms Dallas are available now at starting at $34.

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Bianca R. Montes

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