Women’s Club Supports Preston Hollow School, Neighborhood

A club that started four decades ago as a group of Preston Hollow Elementary School moms getting together while their children played has grown to more than 286 members looking for ways to serve their community and form lifelong friendships.

The Preston Hollow Women’s Club remains a place where friendships grow as members host philanthropic activities, take on service projects, and engage with social interest groups each year.

“It’s a neighborhood organization helping a neighborhood school,” said club president Becky Burgett.

Throughout the years, the club has renovated Preston Hollow Park, worked on landscaping projects, and donated to the Preston Hollow Elementary School basketball team.

“The vision is that this school is truly going to have it all.” -Becky Burgett

Preston Hollow Elementary School (Courtesy Photo)

“We have given to fire stations, libraries, and, of course, back to the elementary school,” said Char Sutherlin, philanthropy co-chair. “It’s very rewarding to see our members coming together and to give generously and support our philanthropy for our school.”

Recently, the club celebrated its 40th anniversary with the installation of a new marquee at the school.

“Our members feel rewarded in seeing the fruits of our labor so to speak whenever we donate,” said Elaine Walters, publicity chair.

With Preston Hollow Elementary School being an international baccalaureate school, the members are always impressed by how far everyone has come and the progress that has been made.

“We get to see lower-income children that get to come to this school, and the school has our support,” Burgett said. “It’s a great school, and they are truly trying their hardest with these kids.”

Club leaders also spoke of the importance socializing plays.

“It’s a great way to meet people and establish friendships,” Walters said. “Well, if you move into a neighborhood, and get a sense of the community, you can only get this if you know the neighbors.”

Members, meeting in smaller groups, enjoy leisure and social activities such as wine night, girls’ night out, game night, book club, and a cooking class.

“You make friends by working together on things, and philanthropy is part of that,” Burgett said. “You’re learning through our speakers that we have. When joining the social aspects, it brings it all full circle. You’re so close together. You’re a neighborhood.”

The marquee project took a couple of years to achieve. Next, the club will focus on raising funds for building new soccer fields and supplying new whiteboards for the school. They hope to donate $15,000 to $24,000.

“We want equal footing; we want these children and neighborhood to have it all, and we want them to compete with the rest of the other schools in Dallas,” Walters said. “That is truly what they deserve.”

Added Burgett, “The vision is that this school is truly going to have it all.”

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