‘Ice Cream Perfected’

Dallas family’s Kaurina’s Kulfi peddles traditional Indian treats

A traditional Indian dessert recipe passed down through generations has spread from a Preston Hollow family’s kitchen to stores nationwide.

The Singh family first sold their homemade traditional Indian delicacy, Kulfi, in a Dallas Indian store in 1998. Now you can find Kaurina’s Kulfi products in Costco’s around the nation and most recently Dallas-area Whole Foods stores.

“We’re a home-grown company, family-owned and operated, been living in Dallas pretty much the entire time that we’ve been in the United States,” said Aman Singh, whose mother made the first bars the company sold.

Many know Kulfi as Indian ice cream, but Kaurina’s goal is to introduce a new dessert category: “ice cream perfected” or “the next level of ice cream.”

Kulfi bars – creamy, dense alternatives to the traditional ice cream treats – contain minimal ingredients, 80 calories, no egg, and only seven grams of sugar. They are certified gluten-free.

Cooked slowly and prepared diligently over two days, the bar is slow to melt, allowing you to savor it longer.

Jas Singh first noticed that Kulfi was a big hit every time she made the dessert for home parties.

When she first got the opportunity to offer her homemade Kulfis through a local Indian store, she spent two days making 50 Kulfi’s to sell. The next day the store sold out and asked for more.

We’re happy to be a part of this community and this neighborhood. And we’re happy that now many more of our neighbors can share my mother’s recipe.

Aman Singh

By 2000, the company was selling bars in Indian stores around Dallas.

Then Jas’ husband, Hari Singh, was laid off from his job and began devoting his time to their start-up. Around the same time, their son, Aman Singh, quit his job as an electrical engineer and joined his father in pursuing what they knew would become something great, Kaurina’s Kulfi.

In 2012, Kaurina’s Kulfi won the first-place prize in the Championship Dairy Product Contest for creative and innovative technology.

Kaurina’s Kulfi sells six flavors in bar form.

The traditional malai – the purest flavor to the original Kulfi made in India – has a natural flavor of slowly cooked milk and fresh ground cardamom spice.

The other flavors are mango, pistachio almond, creamy vanilla, rich chocolate, and luscious strawberry.

By the end of the year, Kaurina’s Kulfi expects to release Kulfi in pints.

“We’re happy to be a part of this community and this neighborhood,” Aman Singh said. “And we’re happy that now many more of our neighbors can share my mother’s recipe.”

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