Don’t Let Recycling Bin Get Scary

Don’t end October on a frightenedly irresponsible note.

Waste hauler Republic Services is urging residents to enjoy the fun of the spooky season with family and friends but deal with trash and recyclables properly after Halloween.

Avoid causing excess waste by following these ‘tricks and treats’ to make your Halloween recycling efforts spooktacular:

Recycling Tricks:

1. Don’t get tricked! Candy wrappers don’t go in your recycling bin. Wrappers are small, and material smaller than a credit card should not be placed in your recycling bin. 

2. Don’t trash costumes. These are great items to keep for a future Halloween or donate to your local thrift store. 

3. Keep face paint and makeup in your complexion, not in the recycling bin. Tins, tubes of face paint, and fake blood aren’t recyclable. It’s best to throw them away.

Recycling Treats:

1. Compost your jack-o’-lantern. Pumpkins can be disposed of in your organic or yard waste container. Don’t forget to toss them in the organic waste disposal as opposed to the trash. 

2. Donate Halloween décor and toys and give these items another life. That way, someone else can enjoy them.

3. Recycle string lights the right way. Decorative lights are great for creating the perfect Halloween scene, but not for recycling.  You can dispose of items with a cord or battery through a mail-in recycling program or e-waste drop-off. Visit

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