Letter to the Editor

Shout Out to Our Fire Department

My husband is partially handicapped because of a degenerative bone condition, multiple back and neck surgeries, and congestive heart failure. His legs are weak, and he always uses a cane or walker to get around.

When he fell in our closet while getting ready for bed, I was on the opposite side of the house on a business call and had no idea he had fallen or was calling me.

When I finished the phone call, I didn’t see my husband and started looking for him. I heard him weakly calling me and ran to him, instinctively knowing he was in trouble.

After sitting in the wheelchair for a few minutes, my husband declined to go to the hospital. The paramedics carefully assessed him, checked his blood pressure, and took his vitals and blood pressure several times.

By then, his blood pressure was returning to normal. They discussed why he should go to the hospital to be checked more thoroughly. They were very respectful of his decision, which we both appreciated. All the signs indicated he had stabilized and just needed rest. They also firmly told my husband that if they were called back, they were definitely taking him to the hospital immediately, and we readily agreed.

Before leaving, they insisted on helping my husband into bed to avoid any possibility of another fall. These firemen and paramedics were truly heroes, doing their work professionally, kindly, and with great compassion.

Too often, people don’t take the time to praise others and may be quick to criticize. We are most fortunate to have a fire station on Northaven Road staffed with caring professionals in our neighborhood.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Lisa Harvell Dallas

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