America’s QB Still Making History

In the 1970s, Roger Staubach made NFL history with thrilling comebacks, his “Hail Mary” pass to Drew Pearson, and Super Bowl titles.

But No. 12’s contributions didn’t end when he left football behind.

His work in business and philanthropy also contributed to his recent selection by the Texas State History Museum Foundation for a History-Making Texan Award.

The foundation will honor the Preston Hollow resident along with esteemed military leader and public servant Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy retired) during the Texas Independence Day Dinner to be held on March 2 at the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.

“The 2023 Texas Independence Day Dinner will be a celebration of these two exceptional honorees and their contributions to Texas, the nation, and the world,” said Lisa Cooley, the foundation trustee serving as chair for the dinner.

“They stand as role models to emulate, and we look forward to sharing their dramatic and inspiring stories with our guests,” she said. 

The annual dinner, now in its 19th year, recognizes living Texas legends for exceptional contributions to the state and the nation. Nearly 500 business, political, and community leaders attend annually, and proceeds benefit educational programs and special projects of the Bullock Museum.

Cooley praised Staubach, a Heisman Trophy winner for Navy, as “one of football’s all-time greats” and a community leader.

“As legendary Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, he was key in making the Cowboys ‘America’s Team’ and led them to nine of the Cowboys’ record-setting 20 consecutive winning seasons,” she said.  “After his retirement from his record-setting athletic career, Roger founded a real estate firm and used his platform to benefit philanthropic causes.”

McRaven, a best-selling author and former University of Texas System chancellor, led the U.S. Special Operations Command as a Four-Star admiral.

“Notably, he commanded the troops that captured Saddam Hussein, rescued Captain Phillips, and led the Osama bin Laden mission in 2011,” Cooley said. “Since his active service, he has provided counsel to U.S. Presidents and leaders on defense issues.”

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